Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Day 2 (9-5-19)

September 5, 2019
I presented an initial cast list to the company.  Happily, I was able to give everyone the role that they desired:


Actor 1: Agamemnon - Doc (this role was left over after others had been cast)

Actor 2: Priam, Menelaus (NOT CAST)

Actor 3: Hector - Josh (previous role:  Lucio in Measure for Measure)

Actor 4: Troilus - Diego (a newbie with experience performing slam poetry)

Actor 5: Paris (NOT CAST)

Actor 6: Helenus, Margarelon, Calchas (NOT CAST)

Actor 7: Aeneas, Diomedes, Greek Knight - Zachary (newbie - very self-confident and vocal)

Actor 8: Deiphobus, Troilus’s Boy, Diomedes’s Servant, Paris’s Servant, Myrmidons (NOT CAST)

Actor 9: Pandarus, Myrmidons - Michael (previous roles:  Isabella and Madame  Overdone in Measure for Measure)

Actor 10: Nestor - Marc Anthony (a newbie, older, enthusiastic, arms full of Shakespeare books)

Actor 11: Antenor, Ulysses, Myrmidons - Foist (previous roles:  Rosencrantz, First Gravedigger (Hamlet), Lysander (Midsummer Night's Dream), Prince of Morocco (Merchant of Venice), Belarius (Cymbeline), Pompey (Measure for Measure)

Actor 12: Achilles, Trojan Soldier - Chris (previous roles: Laertes (Hamlet), Demetrius (Midsummer Night's Dream), Solanio (Merchant of Venice), Cloten (Cymbeline), First Gentleman, Friar Peter (Measure for Measure)

Actor 13: Ajax, Trojan Soldier - Damien (previous role: Juliet and Froth in Measure for Measure)

Actor 14: Alexander, Patroclus, Myrmidons - NOT CAST

Actor 15: Thersites, Trojan Soldier, Myrmidons - Preston (newbie, really hungered for the role of Thersites)


Actor 16: Helen, Andromache - Edmund (newbie, who wants few lines, and promised to shave off his beard)

Actor 17: Cassandra - NOT CAST

Actor 18: Cressida - Austin (previous role: Marianna in Measure for Measure)


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